2-in-1 Silicone Rubycell Makeup Sponge

Hey Guys!

In today’s blog I will be featuring the 2-in 1 Silicone Rubycell Makeup Sponge which was sent to me from Canada by the brand Bellezza Aperta  in exchange of my honest review. It retails for $10.99 or roughly P494.55.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.



According to the website (Amazon) the 2-in-1 Silicone Rubycell Makeup sponge is a makeup applicator that utilizes medical grade silicone on one side and a high quality micro-porous rubycell foam on the other side. Below is how I describe the quality of each side of the tool, how I use it and my over-all thoughts about the product.

SiliSponge Solo

Back to Back Shot

The silicone side of the makeup applicator is soft and squishy. You can tell that it is of good quality once you touch it.  Honestly, I am not a fan of silicone sponges because whenever I use one, the finish of my foundation tends to be patchy and uneven plus it does not do well with blending. This one is not an exception. But what I like about it is it allows me to use just a little amount of product than what I usually consume. What I did was I just used this side in applying my foundation and pressing it on my skin for better absorption.

I should also note that the logo of the brand is not the type of print that can be easily erased.

Silicone Side

My favorite side of the applicator is the sponge/foam side. It’s soft, durable and porous like my original beauty blender as you can tell on the photo below. It did an amazing job of blending my foundation with only less pressure. I love how the finish of my base turned out after using this sponge.

I also love the teardrop shape of this makeup applicator and it is easy to clean too!

Sponge Side

As I use the applicator more often, I finally gave up utilizing the silicone side of the sponge (I find it more convenient to use my finger in applying my foundation) while I really enjoyed using the foam/sponge side because it almost works well like my original beauty blender. It blends my foundation effortlessly and leaves a “second skin” finish. Now, I found myself using it more and more often.




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