Gratitude Post: Looking Back at 2019


I have to say … I had a blast! 2019 has been a great year for me and for that, I’m beyond grateful. For the past year, I met some of the amazing, credible and dedicated people in the beauty community. These are the people that inspires me to follow my passion … to share and express my thoughts through blogging. Thank you guys! 

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I also had the chance to work with brands that were not imposing or limiting, but rather confident and brilliant. Being sent with PR packages in exchange of my honest opinions and being invited to launches and events, felt really good and rewarding. To the people behind these brands … Thank you! 

Quick FX (January 2019) 

Leaders Philippines (January 2019)

Leaders Philippines (March 2019)

Mesoestetic (May 2019)

Dr. Morita (May 2019)

Hayejin (June 2019)

Recell Me (June 2019)


Instagram Review: Nature A-Free Mask

RR Korean Shop (June 2019) 


ABCommunityPH Grand Meetup (July 2019)

SNOE Beauty Ball Drag Extravaganza (August 2019 )

Dinner with Dalnara PH Team  (August 2019)

IMG_2497 2

Ellana Minerals Lab2Love Event  (August 2019)

Cosmopolitan Beauty Conference (August 2019)

Esme Organics (August 2019)

Baroness Philippines (September 2019)

Hayejin (September 2019)

Dalnara (October 2019)

Yadah and Glamourbox (October 2019)

RR Korean Shop 11.11 Sale (November 2019)


Dalnara PH 11.11 Sale (November 2019)


So Natural Launch (November 2019)

Ever Bilena Thanksgiving Fun Fair (November 2019)

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to brag or anything of that sort.

Above all, I’m thankful for the friendship that I was able to build with some of the people that I really admire. You know who you are guys/girls, mwah! :*

thank you lord for all the blessings and opportunities!

– and as always! …



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