Liquid Shots – Supplement for the Skin

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed in taking care of my skin and that explains the tons of skincare products that have in my stash. While watching one of Anna Cay’s vlogs, I saw her talking about a beauty supplement called liquid shots by the local brand Luxe Organix. It made me think that I should also start taking care of my skin not just from the outside but also from within.

This beauty supplement is in a form of encapsulated liquid shots that contains (1) Marine Collagen – 250 mg (2) Glutathione – 100 mg (3) Vitamin C (4) CoQ10 and my favorite skincare product – (5) Hyaluronic Acid. Upon knowing that all these good stuff are present in this supplement, days later ding dong! A box of it came in my door.

Claims and Instructions:

Helps improve skin firmness and complexion for a healthier glow.

Drink 0.5 fluid ounce packet once per day or add 1 packet to 10 ounce of water, smoothie or any of your favorite drink. This is not stated in the box/packaging but you should take it on an empty stomach. I learned this five days after I started taking it haha!

Reasons Why I Like It:

  • Consists of well known-skin loving ingredients
  • Contains Vitamin C for the immune system (though you should still take your separate dose of Vitamin C okay? We need that especially during this pandemic).
  • Smells and tastes like lychee and does not leave a funny after taste
  • The liquid has a jelly-like texture
  • Can be mixed with my favorite drink
  • Can be taken and consumed anywhere because of its packaging which is an easy-open packet
  • Affordable at P49.00 per packet as compared to other beauty supplements

Initial thoughts in terms of effectivity

I started taking it last September 23, 2020 until October 7, 2020 – that’s 15 days and 15 packets. Did I observed noticeable changes in my skin? Am I glowing? – The answer is NO. However, this doesn’t bother me yet because from what I’m aware of, supplements takes time before the effect becomes really evident.

The thing that I noticed after 2 weeks of taking it was — no pimple popped out which is my problem since the pandemic started. Almost every week, I kept having pimples and I’m not even acne-prone – stress and over-thinking are the culprits I guess. Also, despite the cold weather for the past weeks, my skin stayed hydrated – maybe the works of the hyaluronic acid in the supplement, maybe not.

Since I really love how this supplement tastes and the ingredients it have, I purchased two more boxes of it, good for a month supply. I will be updating this blog on November 2020 for a more accurate verdict. Please stay tuned.

Where to get

Available at Watson’s online and Lazada.

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    1. Hi Karen, I’m so sorry it took me a long while to respond. As of now I already stop taking this as I am trying out a new supplement. I finished a total of four boxes of this liquid shot and I can highly recommend it. Stay safe.


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